Determine your monthly budget.

Before you start browsing the market, it’s time to do some investigating first. Based on the money you have set aside for a down payment, it’s essential you figure out how much you are willing to spend on monthly mortgage payments. Our “Mortgage Calculator” will help you determine what price range fits your budget.


 Ask for assistance

Whether you’re a first time buyer or moving into the home you plan to retire in, no one is better equipped to help you than a D and M Homes home buying agent. Our trusted professionals are at the top of the game in their respective markets, which means they know your beloved target neighborhoods like the back of their hand.

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Get preapproved for a loan

Sellers will take your offer more seriously if you’ve been already been approved for a loan. In a competitive housing market, this can be the difference between someone accepting your offer or taking someone else’s. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with one of our mortgage professionals today..

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Do your research.

Search early and often
Research areas you’re interested in, browse for new listings, consult your agent frequently, and make time in your schedule to attend open houses. The more competitive your market, the more quickly the inventory moves.

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Manage your expectations

Sometimes your initial desires are a bit loftier than what you can actually afford. That’s okay. Because you’re probably not going to get everything on your wishlist, it’s important to narrow down what really matters versus what’s just a perk. Is a two car garage more important than an en suite bathroom? Take some time to figure out your biggest needs and manage your expectations. You’ll be happier in the long run!